Day 002 – so far, so good. although I haven’t got very far.

I am aching. My stomach is fine but my legs/lower back are stiff and sore. Not going to let it stop me though. Going to do a small workout today. After I’ve written this!

Yesterday’s eating went well. Pitta bread is the future! Especially if you fill it with peppers, chicken (processed, booo. But I’m poor, okay?), spinach, peppery salad leaves, spring onions and low cal honey and mustard dressing. Was very nice. So I had two of those, an apple as a snack before work and a bag of crisps on the way home from work. Pretty low calorie, healthy day I’d say. Today I only got out of bed at 11, so I’ve swapped my usual no breakfast for a bowl of red berry Special K.

Whilst in the supermarket I realised as well that buying things like pittas and fillings is considerably cheaper than buying the pizza, rustlers, whatever, that I normally have. I always thought that eating healthily was much more expensive, turns out I was wrong. Also found a good recipe for milk free ice cream made with bananas as the base, think it’s mainly for vegans but it works on a healthy eating diet too. It’s good for me because normal ice cream hurts my teeth due to it being too cold; this stuff, instead of melting into a runny mess, just softens up so I can eat it slightly warmer than normal ice cream without having to drink it! Although you do have to freeze it to begin with and as my freezer is busted, I won’t be able to make it any time soon unless I go to a friend’s house to do it.

All in all, apart from the aches and pains from the workout, everything is going well. I know it’s only the second day and everyone makes it this far but it doesn’t mean I can’t be pleased with myself!

Ice cream recipe here


Day 001

I used to have a gym membership to a really fancy gym. I would go for maybe 2 hours a day, three or four days a week. I’d do an hour or so on a cross-trainer (medium-high resistance), go swim for 20 minutes and then lounge in the jacuzzi or steam room for about half an hour. HOW DID I USED TO DO THIS? Well, I’m pretty sure I could still do the last part, jacuzzis are great. However, I just did twenty minutes of squats, lunges, crunches and little twisty things that I learnt at an aerobics class, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t breathe and my legs turned to jelly. It was awful.

Now I’ve had a shower and my legs have returned to their slightly less weakened state, I’m feeling better about the whole ordeal and thinking that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this daily exercise business is something I could be able to keep up.

Eating healthily however is going to be difficult tonight. Being at work is the worst thing if you’re on a diet. I’ve seen the other girls struggle as they try to resist chips, garlic bread, cake, sweets brought in by other staff (usually me), whatever. It is hard, especially when you work in somewhere so small where there’s no place to go that you can avoid the kitchen/food.

I am really hungry and there is nothing healthy in the house. I suppose toast isn’t too bad, if we have peanut butter. I hear that’s pretty healthy?