The exercise bike I didn’t even know existed

Turns out that there’s an exercise bike in my house. I just paid that little attention to it that I never thought to use it before now. Needs some batteries so that the display and resistance will actually work but once they’re in then I’ll be fine! Something to do that’ll give me some feedback of how well (or poorly) I’m doing.
As for diet, it’s suffered over the last week or so. Being unwell really doesn’t make you want to come home (yeah, no sick pay from work means no time off) and eat a salad or anything low fat really. Comfort food is where it’s at. I’ve tried to keep the unhealthy eating to a minimum and I don’t think I’ve done badly. Ham wraps during the days have helped keep my calorie count down. Haven’t weighed myself for quite a while though. Don’t think I really want to…