Day 002 – Part II

Ended up getting hugely distracted from actually going to do exercise. I got back on track eventually and did about twenty minutes of crunches, squats, lunges and twisty things. Mainly crunches though. Pushed myself to do as many leg-related exercises as I could and wow, do I regret it. Stiff isn’t the word.

Anyway, the distraction is a good distraction. Origin/EA’s humble bundle. Bunch of games, 100% of proceeds to go charity and/or humble tip (as far as I’m aware). Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror’s Edge & Medal of Honor for US$1. All downloads, obviously, no physical copies, but it’s a good deal. I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not interested in any of those games. Well, maybe Burnout or Mirror’s Edge. Doesn’t matter either way because all of the above are Windows-only compatible and my laptop is not Windows. HOWEVER, if you pay over the average of US$4.74 you also get Battlefield 3 (no, thanks) and Sims 3 + two expansion kits. And the Sims bundle is Apple compatible, YAY!

(Stay with me, this does have some relevance to the theme of the blog)

I love the Sims games. It’s the only reason I bought the bundle. Pay $5, get the base pack, the Late Night pack and some furniture kit thing. BARGAIN. Paid, opened up Origin and tried to use my code to download it. Won’t work just yet due to overloaded servers (oh, EA, when will you sort yourselves out?!) so I decided to have a look around the Origin store, my account, etc. Sat in the “My Games” section of it was…the Sims 3. And two expansion packs. Not the humble bundle ones but some I bought on disc about two years back and have since traded in. However, since I registered them to my EA account, they’d been stored as downloads. So I now have two copies of the Sims 3 base pack, two copies of Late Night, a proper expansion pack and some extra furniture. I paid £3.21 for some virtual furniture. So much for not making frivolous purchases.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of buying the furniture was it not included in the bundle or that my sims will probably still hate their house and set it on fire.

TL;DR: I wasted $5 buying games I didn’t realise I already had and my legs hurt, but at least I did my bit for charity.