Day 001

I used to have a gym membership to a really fancy gym. I would go for maybe 2 hours a day, three or four days a week. I’d do an hour or so on a cross-trainer (medium-high resistance), go swim for 20 minutes and then lounge in the jacuzzi or steam room for about half an hour. HOW DID I USED TO DO THIS? Well, I’m pretty sure I could still do the last part, jacuzzis are great. However, I just did twenty minutes of squats, lunges, crunches and little twisty things that I learnt at an aerobics class, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t breathe and my legs turned to jelly. It was awful.

Now I’ve had a shower and my legs have returned to their slightly less weakened state, I’m feeling better about the whole ordeal and thinking that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this daily exercise business is something I could be able to keep up.

Eating healthily however is going to be difficult tonight. Being at work is the worst thing if you’re on a diet. I’ve seen the other girls struggle as they try to resist chips, garlic bread, cake, sweets brought in by other staff (usually me), whatever. It is hard, especially when you work in somewhere so small where there’s no place to go that you can avoid the kitchen/food.

I am really hungry and there is nothing healthy in the house. I suppose toast isn’t too bad, if we have peanut butter. I hear that’s pretty healthy?



I’m starting this blog as a way to motivate myself to use my time better, sort my life out a bit and not spend my days lying in bed, listening to the same song on loop.

I’ve been on summer break from university since the end of April/start of May. It’s been so long I can’t even remember when I actually finished. In that time, I have done nothing but work and eat. But hey, at least I’m working.

Over the summer, I’ve gained around 2.5st in weight but done nothing to pay off the overdraft I took out to cover last year’s Christmas expenses. Both of these things need to change. They wouldn’t usually bother me, but the fact that they’ve happened at the same time has left me in a bit of a strange situation; none of my clothes fit anymore but I don’t have the money to replace them. So something needs to be done.

I’ve never been particularly big into saving money or exercising. I prefer to spend my money as soon as I get it, usually on things like games or DVDs that enable me to sit on my arse for extended periods of time.

I am a pro at making excuses too. I mainly use them to not exercise or to not eat healthily, but I’m also pretty good at coming up with stories for where my money has gone. Y’know, instead of just admitting that I went crazy on ASOS and spent £40 on a pair of shorts. Even though that has actually never happened. I don’t wear shorts.

This is why I need a blog to force me to use my time, money and whatever other resources I have available to me in a productive way.